An Illustrated Guide to New Zealand Hebes

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This book is the most comprehensive guide yet to the identification, classification, and biology of hebes. These flowering plants are remarkably diverse and inhabit wild areas from the coast to the mountains. They are also popular garden plants around the world.

The book includes Hebe, New Zealand’s largest plant genus, and the related genus Leonohebe. It provides keys to identify all wild species - 88 of Hebe and five of Leonohebe.

For each species, the book provides detailed information, photographs, and distribution maps. General chapters discuss evolution, reproductive biology, conservation, and other topics. This is an indispensable reference for botanists, gardeners, conservation managers, plant photographers, and students.

"A comprehensive, scholarly, beautifully illustrated book about New Zealand’s most speciose plant group is very welcome indeed.  In this outstanding  attractive, hard-cover volume Michael Bayly and Alison Kellow give us so much more than one would expect from its title.

Amazingly, a volume that is so comprehensive and scholarly is wonderfully attractive and accessible.  All involved in its production, the authors, photographer, Te Papa Press and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa are to be congratulated on it, and in providing such a book at a very reasonable price."

- Barbara Briggs, Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 128 (Sept 2006)

"…Their book is a magnificent compilation of what we now know about this marvellous group of plants.  It is a splendid springboard for further research.

If your main need is an identification manual to Hebe (minus Heliohebe) you will not be disappointed.  If you want a detailed, information-packed, up-to-date, beautifully presented account of New Zealand’s most species-rich genus of flowering plants, I think you will be delighted."

- Hugh Wilson,  NZ Botanical Society Newsletter 85 (Sept 06)